karkata-vantas; ""You wanna watch a movie on netflix? Or have a cupcake? Or both?" The young woman would have a warm smile on her face, nuzzling the girl back."

*small hiccup* Both would be nice… Can You keep hugging me?



*nuzzles her*

…. I’ll get them when i crash in bed… 

*looks at her*

….Thank you for being here, Zel… It really helped me stay strong knowing you were right behind me. I…. wasnt alone. 

*rests against her calmly, dozing off it seemed.*

… i…….. wasnt alone…..

You’re never alone Sass… Dont forget it. You have so many people who love you…

*she strokes her hair, loosening her pony tail. They stay in each others arms, both falling asleep*

karkata-vantas; "*Hugs*"

Sempai *nuzzles into her arms, feeling safe and protected*



*weak smile* Can we still be crazy old cat ladies together someday?


…. i was thinking about getting a dragon too…. 

*soft chuckle*

*smiles, nuzzling into her hair* We could probably have our own petting zoo some day

*she kisses her forehead* You must feel drained, Sass… Should I get your pjs for you?


*squeezed her in return, her legs wrapped around her now*

…. You did no such thing. We gave it our all that we could, given the timeings. 

No matter what happend, we are still best besties…. agreed?

*weak smile* Can we still be crazy old cat ladies together someday?


I promise it will never come to that. I know you never would. 

*feeds her a peice of popcorn*

… as long as were still friends, i’ll be there for you…. and you for me im sure. We can be how we are now… and still be how we were before. We dont need to be dating to be there for each other. 

*nuzzles her face*

… im not abandoning you either princess… 

I’m so sorry… *quieted sob* You must think I was stringing you along… You were so loyal to me…

*she hugged her tightly* I’m so grateful to you for everything you did

Anonymous; "What kind of person builds a relationship like this and then just breaks your heart?"

I’M the one who strung her along
*tiny sob* I just… Thought I could make it work…

Anonymous; "So wait, are you two split up now?"

I think… Yes

Anonymous; "You tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it didn't even matter."

It… It DOES matter. All the time we had. Sass was happy. That’s important to me


I’mna step in here as the mod.

I am the one who asked Sass-mod for the break up. My schedule has become extremely tight and I don’t have as much time as before. I thought it was best to have them break up rather than Sass always missing Zel because she couldnt be there for her.

Zel WAS having trouble adjusting to being her girlfriend, but originally it was going to work out. Because of real life issues I don’t have as much time to rp, simple as that.

Sass has the ability to read emotions, Zel would NEVER be able to bring up how she felt, she’s prone to hiding her feelings in regards of others. Poor Sass mod had to bring up the breakup thing and Im grateful to her

I still ship Zass, and I love the chemistry they have. It isn’t the end of the ship, even if they do break up. Zass is my OTP.

I hope that clears up some things. You can still message Zel and Sass regarding the breakup, I juat wanted to clarify this because I don’t want people saying its SASS’S fault they broke up, because in reality, its my schedule’s fault.