Anonymous; "Nevermind, that was stupid."


Anonymous; "Before you make up your mind, talk to her then. She did say shes willing to talk now."

Make up my mind about what?

Anonymous; "It doesn't feel that way because she's scared right now. I wont push more into it but she needs your help. You should try to talk to her sooner than a week."

She hasn’t felt like my best friend for a long time.
But I’m NOT going to break her heart when she really needs me right now
And I spend time with her whenever I can, I’m busy with work and school too, you know

Anonymous; "She's still your friend. That has never changed. Girlfriend or not."

It certainly doesn’t feel that way anymore

Anonymous; "Maybe she will talk to you about her nightmare she had when you called while you were away. I'm pretty sure if you walk with her, things will start to go back. She has suffered so much in such a young time. You have to remind her of who she is. What she can do."

That’s what I’m trying to do. If she’s changed permanently, then that’s that. And I still love her.
But I KNOW that she isnt a clingy, scared little kid, she’s a Sassy Mama bear.
I just hope she finds that within herself again

Anonymous; "She was also very reckless back then too. It was because of her carefree attitude that shes been hospitalized more than once last year."

I’m not saying she was more responsible!
I’m saying she was HAPPIER, she wasn’t having nightmares all the time, she wasn’t always scared of being alone
She was the only person I could turn to, and now… now…
…I just miss my best friend

Anonymous; "What do you mean changed? What's different?"

A lot

Anonymous; "Are you having doubts?"

I’m not gonna be the one to make her feel like she’s always being abandoned

Anonymous; "When did you notice shes changed?"

Like… End of the year last year?
It was around the time Mitch abandoned her, but…
I don’t know… Its like she lost herself cuz of that stupid kid.
Her confidence, her strength, her attitude. Everything changed.
And I guess it wasnt just Mitch, she lost a lot of friends she was close to, or she just drifted away fron them.
But… I feel like she was more mature and easier to talk to before than she is now

Anonymous; "Is it a bad thing to want to marry someone? Maybe she really loves you. You two have only been dating for a bit but you've known each other for over a year now. That being said I think Sass suffers from separation anxiety. Its why she clings."

There’s nothing wrong with getting married. I just don’t think I’m emotionally ready to make that commitment with anyone right now, I’m still living with my dad and going to school. I want to be a little more mature before I settle down.
I know what Sass is like… But… She’s changed ALOT from when I first met her.
… Honestly I…