weenurse; "Mermaid!Sass in 8, mermaid!zel in 64"




i had way to much fun with this one… 2 down 10 to go!!!

…. Sass looks a bit sunburnt XD hahahaha…. 

Afjsjk DDS as jlhdsf



… Zel… can we grow old together? Can we make that a thing? Two old crazy loving women….
*rocks with her a bit*

As long as we have a decent amount of pets, I’d love to *starts playing with her hair*

*grins*What if you have groupies that live outside our yard, dying to get your autograph?


…. What in the wide world would i do if i never met ya…

*nuzzles her back and kisses her face all over.*

… at some point i would like to take you to bed… and have some late night cuddles with you. Perhaps we can plan something like that at the beach… just us. Under the moonlight…

*Sass held her hand in hers and kissed her knuckles*



*straightens up and looks at her seriously* You’d be your same awesomely Sassy self, even if you never met me. You’re a strong, charism beautiful, genuinely kind woman. Dont ever forget that *she pecks her lips*

but yeah, that sounds lovely *snuggles into Sass*


*finishes her cake and sits, lifting Zel to sit on her lap*

…. this summer has gone on too long without you here with me… and now yer leavin again. But i thank you fer letting me know at least yer gonna be safe. 

*nuzzles her under her chin and neck*

…. and were gonna live it up at the beach….

*shifts in her lap a little bit, resting on her* Yeah… Im sorry I can’t always be there for you *reaches for her hand and squeezes it*

But remember, wherever I am, I love you and Im always thinking about you and praying for you. Also my Sass signal has yet to fail me *nuzzles into her neck*


And my hips that dont lie~

*shimmies a bit*


i can totes burry you in the sand… and make sand castles… watch the stars… maybe see a few dolphins

I love dolphins! Theyre my favorite animal!

Yeah, we’ll have loads of fun I hope!

Gosh I need go go swimwear shopping… Ill add that to my to-do list for when I get back :)


*blinked and beamed again*

YES!!! Lets camp out on the beach…. in my truck… ill turn the bed into a tent with a blow up mattress and everything….


Ill bring wood and we can have a bonfire with marshmallows and hotdogs, it’ll be great! :D

Ive never stayed a weekend away from home just for fun before… But we’ll be ok.

I will protect us with my abs of fluff!



… yeah maybe then… 

*feeds Zel a bite*


ima make you so many things when u get back home… hehehe

*happily eats the bite* Ill look forward to it! Only not too much because now I have to be in PEAK MEDICAL FORM,

Also I was thinking… I was so tied up in Weehawken I didnt get a chance to go to the beach this year… Did yoh want to take a weekend trip to the ocean with me? After I’m back?