i love green… always have…


Any green…. that includes teal and other greenish blues~

*leans in to her eyes*

Fer someone that likes Pink though, yer eyes are the deepest blue…. i could always git lost in them~…

*giggles and nuzzles her nose*

but bright colors have always been my favorite things to wear anyways…

*blushes* hehe, thank you… You’re eyes are real gems as well ///

I never even told you how great you look in pink :) I mean, I’ve seen you in pink before, but you weren’t dressed like yourself, so that was different… *she was referring to last year at camp, but she didnt want to bring it up* You look amazing, it brings out your rosy cheeks :)

Imna also see if I can find some small trinket box or something for this amythest…



oooooo~ those sound awe-

*blinks, digging into her purse*

right hold on… a friend went with me shopping earlier this week for massaging oils…. i wanted to give ya a good backrub er something and gout this really nice oil…. but the shop keeper also gave me some stones… 

*smiles taking her hand out, a little cloth with a dime sized purple stone in it*


here… its Amethyst… its a healing stone. to like… protect and calm yer spirit er somethin. Like… reducing stress and calms the mind…. i always have tigers eye and that seems to do its job alright… 

Oh wow, thank you! *carefully tucks it away* I didn’t know minerals had abilities like that, thsts awesome :D *she gives her a hug* Thank you Sass, you’re spoiling me *nuzzles her then continues to search*

What colors would you like? I usually think of Blue greens and teals when it comes to you, reminds me of your eyes :) But what color do you like?


… mmm not really… heheh… thats the fun of exploring. See what we can find… hehehe

*takes her hand and pulls*


lets go!!

*skips off, giving a giggle*

*laughs and runs along with her, but keeping an eye out for anything special*

How about some rhinestone barettes for your hair? To keep it outbof your face?

Anonymous; "Logan and Sass"

Who is louder? Oh gosh LOGAN
Who is more experimental? Hm… Probably Sass
Who takes more risks? I think they’re both risk-takers
Do they fuck or make love? Fudgy Fudging Fuck
Lights on or off? On B)
Who is more likely to be caught masturbating? Erm… Im not sure…
Who comes first? LOGAN HE’S SO EFFING FAST
Who is better at oral and who prefers it? I think Logan is better at giving it, Sass enjoys it more
Who is more submissive? Sass
Who usually initiates things? SASS
Who is more sensitive? Logan, Im,dead serious he’s a horny lil puppy



Who is louder?
Who is more experimental? 
Who takes more risks? 
Do they fuck or make love?
Lights on or off? 
Who is more likely to be caught masturbating?  
Who comes first? 
Who is better at oral and who prefers it? 
Who is more submissive? 
Who usually initiates things? 
Who is more sensitive?


….Lilah… hasnt messaged me and I think shes moved…. same for Isaac… he moved with Ren… a bit from here. At least he gave me a goodbye…
But a new school means new friends. So its alright. Im not too beat up.

Well, I guess that’s just life. I hardly talk to my highschool buddies anymore, but we’ll text each other occasionally :)

Was there anything in particular you were looking for? Some new shoes maybe?

wxngsandfxathers; ""Man Zel you really like pink.""

Heh, I don’t know why, I like all bright colors but pink is the best for me :)


Felix helped her down slowly, peering into her hands at the shiny object. “Do you think thats it? I mean, there cant be THAT many dropped earrings in one area..”

"You’re right, but I hope its not, y’know some tinfoil or something…"

She lets go of him and opens her palm to examine the tiny thing. Her face breaks into a wide smile

“We found it!” She spins around giddily “We found it, we found it, Thank you, Felix!” She happily gives him a hug “Thank you!”


…. im older than them all…. they are all in their Senior year of highschool… heh… 

*chuckles, putting the box in her trunk*

…. so no… heh…. but its still fun :)

Well that’s good, I guess you get to.make new friends now *she locks the car and walks back with her*

You know… I don’t think any of your old friends are even around anymore, right? Like Lilah and Isaac.. You never seem to talk about them anymore so,I guess they’ve gone?


That will be fine. 

Thanks again sir!

*takes the box and walks with Zel*

hhehehehehe…. lets put these in the trunk… and we can go shopping~

*smiles at her*

*nods and walks with her to the car* Cant wait to see how these look!

so How was your first week at Thornville Uni? Any of your friends get into the same classes as you?