ask-crystalwaters; "Turquoise?"
  • Turquoise: Tell us about a lesson you’ve learned. 

I’ve learned not to expect too much from people,  because when you do you get heartbroken and bitter. Not everyone feels about you the way you feel about them, but it’s ok. You have no control over others actions, only your own. Just keep your expectations low and you’ll be happy… but always accept nothing but the BEST from yourself

dat80steensass; "*huggles and nuzzles her*..."

I couldnt catch you at the concert… Is everything ok?

annthewanderer; ""Does that require pants?""

*grins* Not necessarily, but you’d feel a lot more colder without them

*she smiled as she helped Ann tie up the ribbon into an unbreakable knot*

It’ll be strong enough to hold at least 20 pounds of weight now. 

Anonymous; "Shipper anon here. Ruby"
  • Ruby:Who are you most connected to?

((answered this so I’ll do someone else))

We dont talk too often anymore but ask-the-dream-ler

He’s actually been inside my dreams so he knows what scares me, and I trust him completely

Anonymous; "Ruby"
  • Ruby:Who are you most connected to?

Definitely to dat80steensass

She always knows when I’m upset and she shares my happiness when I’m fine, I love her a lot and I know she loves me too <3

Anonymous; "Quartz Crystal"
  • Quartz Crystal:Who do you feel most supported by?

Funnily enough, even though I never see him, I feel most supported by my father. He’s never discouraged me from following my dreams, and though he doesnt talk to me at all, he’s always been there for the most important events in my life

Anonymous; "Kyanite"
  • Kyanite:Who has taught you the most in life?

When I was young there was a campjanitor who taught me alot. He was young then and very shy, but he was a huge influence on me


dat80steensass; "Agate"
  • Agate:How do you see yourself?

Hm… I suppose I see myself as a good friend, and a good detective, but I think I’m overly pink and it might make other people not take me serious

dat80steensass; "*hug from behind* <3"

*hugs back* Sassy, Ive missed you!

misscarriaged; "blue quartz"

((thank you))

  • Blue Quartz:List five things that make you happy.
  1. Gardening
  2. Snuggling up with a friend
  3. Milkshakes
  4. running through the rain
  5. blowing bubbles